Posted by: emjb | April 17, 2006

Finding a new job sucks

The title says it all, no? I hate the weeks when the classifieds are a barren wasteland of crap. And may I point out that the Austin American-Statesman has a crap search function for jobs? You can’t even search by date posted! Jesus, people. I don’t want to see what jobs were posted 2 months ago. I’m pretty sure it’s too late to apply now.

Meh. Texas is a hard place to find the kind of work I do, if you don’t want to put your skills in the service of health, petroleum, insurance, or banking. Or even if you do. I know from experience that if you are the one creative person in an office full of paper shufflers, people come by your desk all day and comment on how “fun” your job must be “playing with pictures all day!” The subtle hostility and envy get to you after a while. I don’t think anyone but salespeople really want to work in insurance. So much so that creating dull as dirt insurance brochures with bad clip art programs looks like a party in comparison.

I am going to have to revamp my resume, since I’m just not getting the nibbles I want. And maybe do some unsolicited resume sending to a few companies I would like to work for. I don’t usually do that, because I know they almost always end up in the circular file, but what the hell. I have time, after this assignment ends next week.

The more interesting thing for me right now is that I’m pretty sure I have a book in the oven, a fiction book this time, and given some time to work on it, I could finish it. I think it would sell, too, if I shop it around enough. But even if it does, I can’t rely on it for breadwinning money, so I can’t put any eggs in that basket. I have the fantasy of making money with it and getting a contract plus advance that would make it possible to quit dayjobbing altogether…but that’s a long way from today. Guess I’ll just go to bed and stop letting all this crap chase away my sleep.



  1. Might look at these (and their corresponding RSS feeds): ( ( (

    Good luck!

  2. Finding a job is the hardest one there is – isn’t that the cliche? Having just gone through that myself, I sympathize with you. I found my current job through an NGO job search ( but I don’t know if that would offer much for you, especially since you live in Texas again.

    I wish you all the best!

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