Posted by: emjb | April 11, 2006

another reason to quit my job…

…exposure to nasty bugs. Yesterday at work a co-worker said, “Oh, don’t come near me, my husband (who also works there) came home yesterday with that nasty GI bug that’s going around.” So I didn’t go near her. Too late. By 3:30 I was so weak and nauseous I had to go lie down and wait for Matt to pick me up. Went home to toss and turn and pop Tylenol to keep my temp one point it was 100.2, a higher fever than I’ve had since I was a kid, probably. And the GI part was no treat either.

My mom and her husband got it too…just waiting to see if Matt and Nathan escaped. Nathan had a brief bout of something similar last week, so I’m hoping that’s all he’ll get. He’s just about to pop his bottom tooth, you can feel a sharp point where it’s coming out, and frankly, he doesn’t need to be sick on top of that. Poor baby.

But this a fast bug. We’re all three over the worst of it, though we’re walking around like zombies and still not able to eat much. Thank god there’s more than one bathroom in the house. Man.

oh, right now I’ve got all comments on “approval required” until I can get something better set up. The spammers are really bad, and I got tired of cleaning them out. sorry.

gotta go lie down now.


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