Posted by: emjb | April 6, 2006

Too soon to celebrate, but at least we’re slightly less tired

It worked, I’ll be damned. Well, it’s worked once. He barely cried five minutes last night before passing out. He woke up twice, cried briefly and got his diaper changed and his back patted before going back to sleep. I slept five hours uninterrupted, then got three more. Heaven. Though I’m still behind on my sleep deficit.

Tonight he wasn’t as tired at bedtime, and fought it. He cried about 15 minutes when I put him down, angry “mah-ah-AHH-AHHHH!” cries. I went in and rocked him for about five minutes, and he went to sleep. He’s asleep now, hasn’t moved.

I’m not at all certain that we’re out of the woods, but now that I know he doesn’t have to eat every 3 hours at night anymore, I know we’ve made progress.

I know a lot of people think babies just scream at night for no reason whatsoever, but I think it’s understandable. I mean, we all have nights where we can’t sleep and have to distract ourselves to relax. Babies can’t do that. They can’t even wiggle themselves into more comfortable positions until they reach a certain age, aren’t allowed pillows, have no idea what a strange noise outside signifies, and can’t possibly understand why Mom and Dad can’t be up whenever they are. Going to sleep and going back to sleep is a skill, and they need practice at it. Nursing was first necessary, and then a prop for Nathan. Now we’re taking off the training wheels, and hoping he can find his balance.

My bed is calling. See ya’ll later.



  1. Wonderful. He’s a big strong kid; he doesn’t need food at night. But you definitely need sleep! I think this whole sleeping issue is mostly a parent thing, not a baby thing — it seems pretty clear that most babies happily figure out how to work within the system. Especially ones who aren’t hysterical criers, as you point out. (I have one of the hysterical ones. He’s really lucky that he’s so tiny.)

  2. That’s GREAT! I hope mine takes to it just as easily. I agree, it’s progress. And yeah… my theory is that hey, all babies have is their bodies, and the only way they have to communicate the teensiest discomfort is by crying… that’s all they know, for now anyway. Keep us posted!!!

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