Posted by: emjb | March 26, 2006

Going to hell, if it’s up to cat-lovers

My confession today is that I’ve stopped liking cats. I used to like them. I did! I had several as a child, and I always liked them and never minded the being clawed and the hair on everything and the Attitude all cats have and the poop-shoveling.

But somewhere along the way, I couldn’t do it anymore. I didn’t become a dog person, either; now I’m just sort of a Non-Pet person, except maybe I’d like one or two pet chickens to eat bugs and produce eggs. Is that too weird? But then, chickens don’t shed fur on your good black coat.

I don’t hate cats. I don’t mistreat them, I will pet them if they’re desperate for attention, and I’ll feed them and make sure they take their medicine, whatever. We still have Matt’s cat, or will when we get our own place and get her back from Matt’s brother. And my mom has a cat. A needy, friendly, but god, so needy, cat. He gets all sorts of attention from the other adults in the house but it’s not enough. He rubs on me and jumps up and gets in my face and mews pathetically if I don’t pay attention and I just want to watch TV, ok? I’m tired. Leave me alone, cat.

I have no problem with other people’s cats. I just…don’t connect with them anymore. I’m too busy, maybe. More selfish of my time, perhaps. Maybe just tired of all the dirt that any pet brings…on their fur, on their paws, the litter scattered around the box, the food scattered around the dish, the hair, my god, the hair everywhere that no vacuum can touch. I don’t want to clean after them, I don’t want to have to wash my hands all the time, I don’t want to have to protect my furniture from shredding, I don’t want to get up and let them out in the middle of the night. I just don’t. I’m too busy, and all my nurturing goes to the people in my life. I’m tapped out.

I may be screwed, as Matt continues to be a cat person and Nathan may want a pet, and when you’re one of the adults in a pet-owning household, you end up taking care of them at some point. And I don’t want to begrudge anyone else who enjoys pets their chance to have them. And yeah, I’ve read about the studies that show taking care of pets lowers your heart rate, but for me, it’s actually more stressful. I don’t get anything out of it. If anything, I get more tense.

Anyone else ever feel this way, or am I the soulless freak here?



  1. You’re the soulless freak.

    Seriously, though, I actually agree with you. While I really wish I had a dog or a cat, that wish does not include all the maintenance that goes along with them. I think I’d have to hire a dog-walker.

  2. i am a soulless freak too!

    i am not opposed to the existence of cats, nor am i particularly bothered by other people loving on cats or whatever. what i can’t stand is a cat who behaves like the one you described, who needs attention ALL THE TIME and won’t get his/her butt/face/tail out from under my nose.

    and seriously – litter trail on the carpet, where the baby plays? NOT cool.

  3. I love it that I get the most comments when I talk about 1. God and 2. cats.

    Oh, internets.

  4. LOL!

  5. Soulless freak? No. Self-centered? Sounds like it.

  6. well, yes, I guess it IS self-centered of me not to want to take care of a cat! Oh, wait…it isn’t. You should only scoop an animal’s poop if doing so benefits you in some way (i.e., companionship you value). If not, then you’re just scooping poop for no reason. so to speak

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