Posted by: emjb | March 19, 2006

Crammed in

Poor little Nathan..or rather poor giant Nathan. He barely fits into his co-sleeper anymore. We need a real crib. Our in-laws heard of our dilemma and went into their attic, pulling out Matthew’s original 1974 Lullabye crib that they’ve kept since his little brother stopped using it in the early 80s. It’s in good shape, everything works, it just needs a little paint. We tested for lead paint (not banned till 1978…can you believe that? I probably ate some as a toddler), and it was fine.

But to be honest, I’m lazy. I don’t really enjoy sanding and painting and fixing up things, though I do enjoy watching other people do it. We’re pretty cash poor right now, so recycling the old crib seemed like a sensible thing. We bought a new crib mattress and were good to go.

But then our IRS check came, about double what we thought it would be. And while we have 10 places to put every dollar even with a windfall, I thought a new crib might be a good idea. Because if Nathan has to wait until I get around to sanding and painting his crib (and probably botching the job), then he’s going to end up sleeping on the floor on his crib mattress for a few months. Or re-learning the fetal position to fit into the co-sleeper.

I am sort of relieved he rejected our experiment in co-sleeping in the bed, because the kid has long legs and can kick. He’s a restless sleeper like his mama; we just aren’t good at the snuggling all night thing. Really, the boy deserves a nice sturdy bed where he can stretch his legs and throw out his arms with some room to spare. His daddy knows his pain, since there’s no bed short of a California King that will fit his legs, and we only have a queen right now. Matt’s been having to curl up and sleep diagonally his whole life.

So we’re thinking of one of those convertible cribs, the kind that change into toddler beds. Like this one. Yeah, it’s WalMart. It’s just an example; doesn’t have as many convertibles online, so I don’t know if we’ll buy it there or not. Don’t hate me if I shop WalMart now and then and I won’t hate you for watching America’s Top Model. Deal?



  1. That’s the exact one my in-laws got for ys. It’s really nice!! The changing table too! Even being from Wal-Mart.

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