Posted by: emjb | March 5, 2006

Resumes, pontification

Did I mention how much I hate looking for a new job? No need, since everyone else hates it too. I’m consciously not freaking out about the search, even though I’ve had few nibbles and no offers. I’m too tired to freak out. Even when he’s not sick/teething/learning a new skill that cuts down on our sleep, Nathan is a 2o-something pound baby with no mobility, meaning I’m lifting and hauling him all day long. I should really be more buff, but mostly, I just collapse every night. Leaving little time for freakouts.

But this is the second week when there’s nada on the radar; no jobs worth pursuing in the usual online places. I’ve signed up with several employment/temp agencies too in the last week, but none have called me yet, so I’m still just hanging out watchin Noggin far too many hours of the day.

Although, (cue subject change) at night Noggin turns into “The N”, a teen network, which between Degrassi and Moesha, shows Daria reruns. They’re only on around 4am, but my mom has DVR. Oh joy! When Daria was on originally, I was in a cable-less situation because I was working retail and living in a shitty apartment. So at least some of my free time can now go to watching a 90’s animated show about a glasses-wearing sarcastic brunette girl. It’s like they wrote it for me, if I were a lot cooler in high school.

I have no shame about how much I watch cartoons, even the ones aimed at preschoolers. One of the nice things about being at home has been catching up on the latest in kid tv, and seeing some old favorites too, like Danny Phantom and The Fairly Oddparents.

I still love animation, and I wish I were a good enough artist to become an animator, although the hand-drawn kind is being pushed out by Flash and CGI, which still don’t do as much for me. Though Flash can at least preserve some of the rough, warm edges that hand-drawn animation had. CGI stuff, like The Backyardigans, is getting better, but it’s still cold and plastic-y. I can watch and appreciate movies like Toy Story, because the writing is good and the artistry clever, but it doesn’t grab me the way “real” animation does. I don’t know why, but introducing a third dimension to animation seems to take away more than it gives; when the characters and settings become just objects manipulated in space, it seems to make them smaller, less important. When they’re flat and 2-D, they are less “realistic” but more interesting, somehow.

If I had more free time and more cash, I’d build my DVD library of animation and buy old cartoon collections by the truckload. And explore graphic novels, a literary form that became more available just about when I started having less and less money for books. There’s so much good stuff being produced out there. I still haven’t finished reading the Promethea series, or looked into some of the more highly acclaimed stuff, like Spiegelman’s Maus, although I did get his In the Shadow of No Towers.

I will say that it’s still not all that easy to find graphic novels I’m attracted to reading, though. The superhero stuff has never grabbed me. I just can’t give a rat’s ass about Japanese animation or manga until it all stops looking the same and featuring half naked prepubescent girls. And a lot of what’s left is so autobiographical and/or experimental that you have to feel a real connection with the writer to enjoy it. Pure story is somewhat hard to find.

Though if anyone has recommendations, I’m all ears.



  1. Have you seen Avatar? A Nickelodeon toon, pretty fun story line. I bought season 1 through iTunes so I could watch them in order. Also got Kim Possible from iTunes, think it plays on Disney. These don’t need to be watched in order as there’s no overarching plot.

    Anyways, those are my current toon-viewing addictions, though I’ll have to get MIL to record Daria on the DVR now…

  2. Yes, I have! It’s really well written, but I haven’t been able to see the new season. Need to DVR it now that I’m working.

    Inside, I may still be 14. oh well.

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