Posted by: emjb | February 15, 2006

3 Months

Artsy Nathan

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Dear Nathan,

Where is the little solemn, dark-eyed creature I brought home from the hospital? You can hardly see him in the face you show me now, full of personality and curiosity. You’re done with the whole Newborn thing, that’s for sure. You’re a Baby now, and you don’t waste any time pining for the womb. Too much to do.

This month, that included a sudden ability to arch your back and hold up your still-wobbly head, grab my shoulder, master the art of stuffing your fingers in your mouth (and sometimes, gagging yourself on them), and cutting your first tooth, which is making you more than a bit irritable since it hasn’t broken the skin just yet. You are too big to swaddle, but not quite big enough to soothe yourself to sleep, so you’ve moved into the big bed with us for now. It works just enough better that your sleep-deprived parents don’t give a crap if someone disapproves. Anything to make you sleep.

You have a high, dolphin-y squeal that you’ve suddenly developed, accompanied with a frantic leg kick that makes you even more irresistable and cute, if that’s possible. Everyone loves you, and why shouldn’t they? Even if they throw out their backs trying to lift your 20 pound self that still hangs there like a sack of potatoes. Your Mamaw has started calling you Spud for just that reason. I’ve developed many new ways to make lifting you easier…rolling you over so I can pick you up face down, laying you over my shoulder when I stand up so I have a hand free to brace against the table. All the same, sometimes I misjudge and my back starts killing me. You’re just going to have to learn to walk soon, or else I have to start using your stroller indoors.

I was thrilled to see you start holding up your head and, the other day, nearly push yourself onto your side, because I look forward to really being able to play with you. To read you books that you are able to sit up and look at. To see you splash in the bathtub instead of just being propped up in your baby bath seat. You’re in that inbetween place where you’re a little too big to cuddle on my lap, but not big enough to sit up and choose your own cuddling position. You are most comfortable in your little infant hammock chair, watching the world.

The third month is supposed to be when it gets “easier” and I guess it has. I trust myself more where you’re concerned, and you don’t scare me. I feel like I’ve attained Basic Nathan Competency, though of course, that could all change tomorrow. I’m still tired, not getting quite enough sleep, and dreaming of the day you’ll never need another diaper change. But I’m doing OK, where you’re concerned. I hope that’s a pattern that stays the same.

Happy 3 months, kiddo. Welcome to Babyhood. I hear it’s very nice.


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