Posted by: emjb | February 6, 2006

Tortured by flu, and Mom’s bad movie taste

Poor little Nathan is sick. I think it’s a stomach flu, because there’s lots of foul discharge from the bottom and not the top. His fever’s been up a couple of times today, making him cranky and listless until the children’s Tylenol kicked in and brought it back down. We learned something from Nurse Grandew today, that being that when you take a rectal temp, you should deduct a degree, and if you take one by armpit, you add a degree. Huh. We were very worried about his high temp (101 F) earlier tonight, because a trip to the ER is just no fun at all, and we’d have to sit there forever because he wasn’t bleeding out his eyeballs. But thankfully it came down.

I’m up now because he didn’t get to sleep until 1 and I have to give him medicine at 2; there didn’t seem to be much point in letting myself conk out. Matt has his temp job tomorrow, so I let him sleep while Nathan and I watched Sister Act. A movie for which I have a sad and shameful affection. It’s just so bloody awful, and has that weird “black people are magical and can transform uptight whiteys” vibe. And yet, I’ve seen it a million times. I’ve never paid to see it, at least. And Nathan, confronted by the spectacle of Whoopie Goldberg in a nun’s habit, dropped off to sleep quickly, his only defense, but a very effective one. Smart boy.

Hopefully his bug will pass soon. He’s so dopey and dazed by it, not at all his sharp little self, and I miss his giggling and wide eyes when he’s watching Blue’s Clues, or just talking to me in his all-vowel language of “ahs” and “oeeeahhohhahhs” when he’s especially talkative. Get better, baby.


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