Posted by: emjb | January 29, 2006

Time, baby, money, beer, politics

Driving home from our visit with his parents in the beauteous outskirts of Weatherford, TX, Matt and I realized that we had only been in Texas for good for a whole week. It already feels like we’ve been here at least a month. Not in the “oh god it’s so tedious” sense–just the opposite. Every day is just so damn full. What isn’t filled with endless errands and Major Life Discussions and sudden cat-sitting-related crises is filled with Nathan. Who is pretty much a fulltime job all by his lonesome.

He and I are doing really well. I still can’t make him laugh the way his Grandoo does with her Pattycake routine, but he smiles plenty and cuddles as much as I could possibly want. He might be thinking about teething. He’s definitely always thinking about eating and growing, which would explain why he weighs 19 freakin’ pounds and measures 25 inches long at 2.5 months. Putting him, I don’t know, about 3 months ahead of a normal baby size. Jeebus.

I’m tired, pretty much all the time still. I never quite catch up on my sleep even though he’s sleeping better. First thing in the morning and 7 pm are my worst times…I wonder every day if I’m going to fall asleep and keep sleeping no matter what noise he makes. I’m ok the rest of the day, but definitely not in the best shape. Matt’s no better than I am either. I really need a nice 12 hour stretch about once or twice a week, but have no idea how that is ever going to happen. At some point he’ll sleep more and we’ll catch up, but I do hope it’s before he gets to jr. high.

Applying to jobs when I find them; I only have time to send a few each week, so I stick to jobs I know I might actually stand for a while that pay decently. I figure if I have to take a crap job, there’s plenty of them every week. Why try for them now?

But I’m anxious. I want money to be coming in, and soon.

In amongst the worrying and scurrying, we did manage to visit a friendly local bar (2 beers for $5! Take that, NYC!), then hop over to a Half-Price Books (the best used bookstore ever) and have a giant ice cream cone from Marble Slab. We also celebrated our return to suburbia with a trip to Target and several trips to large, clean, lovely grocery stores that we have so missed in New York.

Maybe we are just weenies, but we missed these little conveniences so much while we were there; it feels a lot like we were camping all those years, or traveling outside the States somewhere. Suburbia comes in for a lot of abuse, and I’ll be the first to agree that more sidewalks and fewer ugly-ass strip malls would be a good thing. But dammit, it’s nice not to pay out the ass for a dusty can of green beans and a few leftover chicken breasts at the local grocery, where you have to turn sideways to pass someone in the aisle. And nicer still to throw your groceries in the trunk and drive them home instead of schlepping two blocks in the bitter cold while sleet drives into your face. I’d go back to New York in a minute if I could afford a huge apartment and having everything delivered. Otherwise, it’s really kind of a kick in the ass every day.

Texas kicks your ass another way, which you feel when you open the local paper and read 5 different “editorials” in the Sunday opinion section, all of them defending oil and gas interests. Talk about sucking the corporate cock. There are two lonely voices of liberal dissent that get printed in the paper on a regular basis, and both columnists come in for steady abuse in the letters pages for daring to question the Almighty George. When did America become so full of craven, knee-bending ass-kissers that questioning our government became a crime? I never knew so many people had such a masochistic streak. They just can’t get enough of the Republicans robbing them blind and getting up in their personal business, so long as the Republicans swear that’s how Jesus wants it.

We still don’t know if Austin or DFW is our eventual home here; it all depends on the job market. I’ve given up the worry over it for now; there’s no time. Too many resumes to send, diapers to change, and beers to drink. It’ll all shake out in the end.



  1. It’s “Grandew.” Don’t want to anger the mother-in-law.

  2. Hey! Come to DFW… I need a friend with a new baby. Nathan and Ethan can be pals. 😛 We could all go to Target together. Geezus do I sound desperate or what. ::

  3. My first baby was a big girl, 27 lbs at 5 months and then didn’t gain anything for like a year and just focused on getting the height to go with that enormous belly. I was all about attachment parenting and babywearing and I’ll tell you I had to put her DOWN because even the chiropractor couldn’t fix me if I insisted on carrying that load around. I was so jealous of my friends with 20 pound year-old babies.

    I’ll admit I don’t read the papers anymore and get my news from websites and podcasts, but that must have been a DFW paper. There’s plenty of liberal politics in Austin.

  4. Lauxa, round here we call it the “Fort Worth Startlegram” because it startles you just how butt kissing it can be…along with the Dallas Morning News (motto: “We’re owned by Belo and we love our rich white Republican advertisers!”) it’s hard to get much in the way of good local coverage. The Statesman isn’t too bad, true.

    Yes, I know it’s Grandew, I don’t think your mom is going to cut me out of the will, matthew.

    Sara, I’m here already! Email me if you want to do lunch sometime. Even though I’m way the hell out in Crowley…

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