Posted by: emjb | January 7, 2006

He slept!

Yeah, that’s all I care about. 6 hours! Of course, I had to stay up till 3am* with him first, and he was cranky about it too, because he hadn’t slept much all day. But in desperation, we tried the swaddle/rocking back and forth hard like…well…like Rain Man. But I didn’t keep repeating “Definitely Wapner.”

And he passed out and slept hard. Angels sang, the heavens opened, I don’t feel like Utter Death today. Huzzah.

Of course, the proof of any method is whether you can repeat it. I have no idea, so I don’t quite dare to hope we’ve gotten over the hump. Hell, I’ll just take my good night for now and be grateful.

*While we were up, I finally did see the beginning of Desperately Seeking Susan. And the question remains; why is anybody impressed by Rosanna Arquette? I mean, I don’t get her appeal at all. And was this the last time Madonna was good on film? Of course, she had hardly any lines and skimped around in her underwear most of the movie.



  1. My GAWD! How I love your posts… putting this mama’s mind at total ease. I was convinced that my baby’s sole purpose in life was to never, ever let me sleep. Nice to see other babies out there are on the same mission.

    Did you ever imagine life could be like this? And I mean that in the most wonderful way. I do.

  2. Nope. Not at all. I don’t think it’s something you can describe till you do it. Congrats on your little one! Hope he’s doing well and learning to sleep soon…swaddle swaddle swaddle!

    (which is working by the way…he still wakes, but he goes BACK to sleep after a short feed or diaper change, which is just wonderful).

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