Posted by: emjb | January 3, 2006

Months to go before I sleep

Baby appears to be well, but also, still super wakeful. Cheerfully so, in direct opposition to his parents, who are surly with missed sleep. We had to spell each other last night as each of us got frustrated or angry with ourselves and our little day-sleeper. He loves sucking but doesn’t really have any enthusiasm for pacifiers, but you can only stuff so much formula into a kid in an attempt to get him asleep before he erps it all over you. So I had to keep my hand near his mouth and resort to semi-forced pacifier-ing to get him to comfort himself to sleep enough…ergh. He finally did drop off. Who says pacifiers are evil? I would freaking love for him to love them and be able to comfort himself with them. I would welcome any non-food-related behavior that would reliably get him to sleep. He is trying to suck on his hands, but he doesn’t have the arm control yet, so he keeps losing his grip after a few frantic sucks. Baths wake him up, music relaxes him but not to sleep. Rocking is great, until you want to put him down. Bah.

His grandma suggests a heating pad to warm his bed. I am ready to try that, also, some kind of white noise, and maybe I can try swaddling again; he didn’t seem to need it before, but now I don’t know. Maybe he’s bopping himself in the head and waking himself up. Trouble is finding a receiving blanket large enough to stay swaddled; but I had another parent tell me they used duct tape for that problem, and you know, I’m up for that too.

His bouncy seat and swing is in Texas; he wasn’t a huge fan of them two weeks ago, but maybe when we get back he will be.

We know this gets better; we know we’re on the downhill side of the first 3 mos, danke Gott. And he’s not a screamer; sometimes when he’s awake you can lay him down on the sofa propped up safely and let him gurgle and talk to the wall and his stuffed animals while you catch a few zz’s curled up next to him. But it’s not much of a nap.

Still, I find myself pretty much unable to sleep more than 6-7 hours at a stretch unless I’m drugged, even when grandmas have taken him for the night. Part of me is always listening for baby noises no matter what.



  1. 6 or 7 hours of sleep eh? Are there people who get more than that?

  2. What does “spell each other” mean exactly? I picture you sitting on the futon reciting “M-A-T-T” over and over, but that doesn’t make a lot of sense.

  3. Sigh. Look it up, deanfred.

  4. Great. Now I see that Matthew’s used “spell” in exactly the same way in his latest “Letter from NYC”. Do you guys lay in bed thinking of different barely-known linguistic affectations you can adopt?

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