Posted by: emjb | January 1, 2006

Sick baby

The title says it all…v. little sleep last night here in the Grabapple household, at least until the Children’s Tylenol kicked in. We go to the pediatrician tomorrow; hopefully it will be, as he thinks just a virus. Though that’s bad enough when your baby is crying and looking at you with round scared angry eyes; “I feel awful. Why aren’t you fixing this, Mom?”

Babies get sick, all the time, but it’s been kind of scary since we’re both pretty clueless about what to do. We didn’t pick up on the fact that he’d been having a worse and worse time sleeping this week; we just thought we were in the process of adjusting his schedule. Now I think he was waking up because he wasn’t feeling so hot.

No fever so far, but he’s having some trouble keeping formula down, so the dr. told us to feed it to him half-strength but more often. I hope tonight is a lot better than last night, because I was so wound up and worried that even after we got him to sleep, I had a hard time letting go and falling asleep myself. I was convinced that I’d doomed him to years of chronic ear infections because I’d not always fed him at a 45 degree angle; apparently you have to do that with formula, or it might back up in their throat and end up infecting their ears. Something I didn’t know until we were frantically scanning the baby book for his symptoms. I still don’t know for sure that’s not what it is. Fingers crossed.


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