Posted by: emjb | December 30, 2005

Back to the wonderful, wonderful grind

I go back to work, officially, on Tuesday. And I’m so ready, even though I’m just going in long enough to give my 2 weeks’ notice. But getting out of the house every day, for 8 hours, just sounds wonderful. I know I’ve been overly confined due to my health and the weather; if I’d been feeling better and had access to a car, I wouldn’t have felt quite so much like I was in mommy jail the last 6 weeks.

It’s also Matt’s chance to practice his daddy skills solo, so that after we move to Austin, he will be ready if not rarin’ to go in that department. Heh. And since he’ll not be recovering from a c-section, he can load up the baby and go to town if he chooses, so hopefully he won’t be trading his dayjob for daddy prison.

I’m hoping my boss won’t hate me for giving my notice; I didn’t want to do it. But every day that Matt isn’t working we’ll be bleeding money, unless we win the lottery (which, deep down, I’m still kind of hoping for…sigh). So there’s no choice there. Back to Texas with us, in search of a livable situation.

It’s strange to be going back, but that’s a really complicated topic that deserves its own post, later.

I did want to take a moment to praise Matt’s superior parenting skillz. We’ve had trouble with Nathan staying up longer and longer late at night, getting tireder and tireder, despite feedings and rocking and many diaper changes. He wasn’t gassy, but just couldn’t stay asleep when he went down. Last night, after I gave up, Matt brought him into bed with us…which I had tried before, but apparently not done correctly. Because Nathan’s been sleeping ever since, with a few breaks to play and eat; he’s asleep now. Poor little thing must have been deprived and is making it up. As for me, it was heaven to sleep in with him most of the day. I’d forgotten what that felt like. Obviously, we’re doing the right thing having Matt stay home.



  1. When I went through the front door of work the first day back, I felt like skipping, I was that giddy with the freedom and the relief. My husband stayed home too, which made it a lot easier — I knew the baby was in good hands, and praise the lord, they weren’t MY hands.

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