Posted by: emjb | December 22, 2005

Rough night

Baby no sleepy. Well, not for me anyway. I’d been holding him all day off and on, he’d hardly napped, and he was stuffed full of formula already, to no avail. Baths wake him up, same as putting him in his crib does. I was out of options, and my arms were ready to fall off, so I woke up poor sick Matthew and said “you take him.”

And then went and took a shower. And laughed bitterly thinking about a comment a mother of a two year old recently made to me: “Have you gotten to the point where you’re holding the baby and you’re wondering ‘Oh God, what the hell was I thinking?'” Well, yes. Yes I have.

Not that I’m going to drop him off at the closest orphanage or anything. Matt was able to get him to sleep, and this morning all is well so far. Maybe he and I were just tired after too many hours together. But at that moment I was strongly convinced that only rich people with several nannies should have children; the rest of us should just say the hell with it, it’s too much work. And even nannies get to go home and put their feet up in peace eventually. Lucky bitches.



  1. And they get paid for it, lucky bitches!

  2. That’s right! What was I thinking, doing this for no money?

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