Posted by: emjb | December 6, 2005

I gots me a car

Yup, finally took the big jump and bought a 2006 Corolla CE. It’s pretty plain, no sports package or fancy doodads, white with a beige interior. I wanted blue, frankly, but I feel virtuous about every 100.00 I saved by going low budget. And the car drives the same no matter what color it is.

I have never owned a new car before. It feels pretty good to drive something off the lot that only has 66 miles on it, and all its parts, no dings, and full warranties. Pretty damn good.

Like any new buyer, I can’t get rid of the sneaking suspicion that I paid too much, but I know I didn’t pay as much as I could have. Plus, I clicked with my saleslady, sort of. She was a trip; in the first hour, I knew all about her abusive doctor ex husband who took all her money, made her run away with her kids, and left her homeless while harassing her with lawsuits. I heard about her hateful sisters and why she dropped out of med school, and how she got her job at the dealership without knowing a thing about cars. About her 17 year old daughter already in college, and her son following right behind.

And it was interesting and all, but I was there to buy a car, not be a surrogate therapist. Although maybe my sympathetic remarks helped me get a better deal, who knows.

What I liked about her was that she took the time to sell me the car, which, surprisingly, none of the other salesman I’d talked to did. She actually walked me through all the options, the package, the warranties, explained what all the buttons did, talked things up, and didn’t give me shit about not wanting the expensive stuff. I don’t know if I was snubbed because I didn’t want to help them unload all their overpriced SUVs or what, but gee fellas, money is money, and here I am willing to spend some. Maybe you should try making it worth my while.

Got home to a sleeping Nathan, who promptly woke up and wanted my attention. I think he smelled me, because I didn’t make any noise to wake him. He pays a lot more attention to where I am now. It’s kind of flattering, though I know it will be a problem if he’s super-attached to only me. Which is why I need to get him back to Brooklyn to bond with Dad as soon as possible. He needs to know That Bearded Guy also brings food and comfort.


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