Posted by: emjb | December 4, 2005

blog therapy

I find it almost impossible to let a day go by without a post, which has never been my modus operandi in the past. Obviously, I’m doing it for me, since there are only so many of you fascinated by my insomnia, birth trauma, and my baby’s hairy back.

I wish I had more to give ya’ll. My day consisted of short naps and feeling like the dog’s breakfast due to lack of sleep, making bottle after bottle of formula (this child eats, sweet Jesus, he eats), watching Flip This House on TLC and critiquing their choice of kitchen tile, and entertaining the baby by singing along with “That’s Amore” as we watched Moonstruck. He actually enjoyed my singing, or was at least intrigued enough not to wince at my missed notes. I can’t wait to get back to Brooklyn and let Matt mess up his little mind by playing him Dark Side of the Moon and some obscure Genesis albums. When he’s with me, though, there will be Abba playing at some point, and there is nothing his daddy can do about it.

It would be nice if Nathan inherited some of Matt’s musical talent, but who knows. There are plenty of talents that neither Matt or I have (like being good at advanced mathematics, or physical coordination) that he could benefit from.

Actually, despite my grogginess Nathan was a dream today, cute as a bug and awake much more of the time. Occasional smiles in his sleep or while eating. He’s a fat little thing, and gets more Buddha-like each day; he’s outgrown 3 of his 0-3 months outfits. I fully expect he’ll be taller than me by junior high. He’s asleep now, after, I don’t know, his seventh bottle of the day? At 2-4 oz each feeding, that’s..a lot. I have occasional fears he will end up one of those Obese Toddler Freak Babies you see on Jerry Springer, but I’m pretty sure that won’t happen unless I start giving him bottles of Kool-Aid. And he is genuinely hungry. I don’t wake him up to feed anymore, because there’s no chance he’s going to let me not feed him enough. He is very vocal on the subject.

He still casts longing glances at the boobs, on occasion, but doesn’t lunge for them. It’s been almost a week since he was breast fed, and my body has pretty much shut down what pitiful production it had. It does make me sad not to be able to have that bond, but we gave it a good run and he certainly isn’t suffering.

Going to give sleep a try now, ha. Tomorrow it’s off to the Other Grandparents for a visit, so I will have less internet access and may not post. I hope ya’ll can stand the suspense.



  1. Wow — you gave birth to a chinchilla!
    He must be extra nice to cuddle with on cold nights.

  2. Hah. He doesn’t get cold easily, actually, maybe that’s why…

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