Posted by: emjb | December 3, 2005

Still carless, but we have lots of gas

No luck finding a Matrix, apparently just aren’t that many available, at least not the basic models. Looks like we’ll be going with a Corolla, which is the same basic car w/out the hatchback. But the last of the 3 dealerships told me, wait until the new rebates are announced on Tuesday. Here’s hoping there’s some good ones. Me, I’m tempted by the Kias at 200/month being advertised, but I don’t know much about them and I don’t want to get one if it’ll just start crapping out in a year. A Toyota will go 200,000 miles if you take good care of it; I’m pretty sure a Kia won’t.

I’m worried about Nathan; he seems crankier and gassier, and to be sleeping less, since we switched to powdered formula. Mom tells me Costco will take it back even if it’s opened if it doesn’t agree with him. I’m not sure if that’s the cause or if it’s just normal baby gas. Tomorrow I’m going to go snag a little of the stuff we started him on (the already-made) and see if he reacts differently to it. I will be annoyed if the cheap stuff doesn’t work, but whatever it takes to get him fed I’ll do. Cranky gassy nonsleeping babies are not a good thing. And the powdered stuff is a real pain in the ass to make, I might add. Also, I can hardly find any kind of formula without added iron, which is irritating.

I’d go now, but there are no 24-hour stores around here for some reason, so if Nathan truly can’t sleep at all tonight, I’ll have to wake my mom up to borrow her keys to get to the nearest all night grocery store. Which is only about 6 miles from here, but still. I wish I had been able to buy a car, I could indulge my mom-worry and go get the formula whenever I want without disturbing anyone. My mom’s husband is especially reluctant to give me the keys, he’s likely to insist on going instead, which thanks, but you’ve been up since 5 am and I don’t need the guilt. Just loan me the keys, man.

Nathan just finished a bottle and is lying on the bed behind me, wide awake, not gassy for the moment, but not sleepy as he normally would be after his bottle. I don’t know what that bodes. He slept pretty hard last night. I’m trepidatious. We haven’t had any sleep troubles from him to speak of all along, it would suck if we’re going to now.



  1. My sister and I have both been happy with our Hyundais. She has the sportier one (can’t remember the model) and I have an Elantra. I was in an accident last fall, and I was very happy with the performance of the safety features. The safety features + the extended warranty + the gas mileage were why I bought it, and all have turned out like I expected if not better.

    Does the Matrix come with the Hybrid Synergy drive? I have heard good things about hybrids. My friend with a hybrid Civic loves hers.

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