Posted by: emjb | December 1, 2005

A more positive post

I hate leaving my horrible adventures-posts at the top of the blog too long. But the baby’s going to wake soon I think, so I’ll be quick.

Today: sleep-deprived, but not bad otherwise. Was up at 3am last night while baby slept but I couldn’t. Did get to see Cold Comfort Farm, which was awesome. Got up at 11 and dragged sorry self to Costco with the mom, investing in a shitload (ha) of diapers and formula. Spoke to insurance people re my little out of network emergency stay, and found out it’s possible it will all get covered. Maybe.

Tomorrow: I’m a gonna buy me a car, yessir. Unless the dealer won’t make me a good deal. It’s a Toyota Matrix, which is basically a station wagon with a stupid attempting-to-be-cool name. Might as well call it the Family Truckster. But it’s reasonable and has room for Matthew’s legs and Nathan’s carseat.I hope they have it in blue. But this is Step 1 in our Master Plan: Move Back to Texas. The car will stay here while we wrap up in NY. My only real confusion at this stage is; side airbags or not? We’ll see how much that tacks on.

Nathan: very cute still. Took some new pictures, but don’t have time to get them on Flickr just yet. Tomorrow, tomorrow.

Off I go.



  1. i’m not sure about side airbags either, honestly. i think my car has them but i am really not sure. and it is a SMALL car too, for three kids in the back seat. they are packed in like sardines!

    good luck with your move; look forward to seeing pictures of your adorable little guy. 🙂

  2. What general area in Texas? I’m in the Dallas/Fort Worth area… and about to explode with baby.

  3. Ahh, this must be why I feel compelled to move to DC all of a sudden. I must leave so that there is room for another liberal in Texas. I wonder who is moving so that Matthew can come too?

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