Posted by: emjb | November 23, 2005

A pretty good day

And the baby is starting to do those little practice smiles…in his case, toothless grins. Adorable! He even whipped out one for the receptionist at the midwife clinic when I went for my checkup. A smile, I mean. Pervert. He’s also sporting a new double chin, acquired in only a week, and is well on his way to Fat Baby-dom.

Anyway, we’ve decided that while he got his daddy’s build and huge blue eyes with long eyelashes (lucky kid) the rest of his face looks a lot like mine as a baby. Including my overbite, although Grubby (his paternal grampa) thinks that will just help him be a better saxophone player. Though this could be a problem, since Matt was counting on the kid to be his drummer; it’s always hard to find a good drummer.

All of which will probably ensure he becomes an accountant. In which case, he can do our taxes for us.

I love him and his little ways, but am eager for him to be a little older and a little more able to respond and communicate. He has to spend all his energy eating and sleeping right now, though we do make him sit out with us on the couch while we sing him silly songs and pedal his arms and legs around. So far, he’s completely unimpressed with all this and just looks at us with furrowed brows, no doubt wondering, “Ok, whatever, but when’s the next feeding?”

I am patient emjaybee, endlessly pumping, when I can, but I just can’t keep up with him milk wise; Matt’s mom had the same problem with him, so I’m thinking we’ll be supplementing with formula till he starts on solid foods. Which is ok, so long as he’s getting the good stuff also. I think he’s going to be a horse; I just hope he doesn’t have to start shaving in 5th grade or something. He has hair on his back and shoulders, did I mention that? It’s just newborn fluff and will fall out, but it was a little disconcerting, as though I’d given birth to a 40 year old Italian.

Tomorrow we head to Tejas; more posting once we’ve gotten settled in. I anticipate barbeque for me and endless spoiling for him.


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