Posted by: emjb | November 19, 2005

He’s Here

I know, it’s been 5 days. I had a c-section, and there was a lot of other drama besides…I’ve been pretty much flat on my back, and my husband has had enough to do helping me breastfeed and shuffle around the house.

But he’s here. Nathan Wynn, born at 5:20pm on Nov. 14th. 9 pounds 15 oz. 22 inches long. Cute as a button. They keep telling me what a big baby he is, but he is actually very thin and fragile and sweet, with long monkey toes and fingers.

He makes a little squeaky sigh when he eats or is asleep that is the sweetest thing you ever heard…it melts your heart.

The birth itself was a story I can’t tell yet, there’s too much to say and I need to find the right way to say it. Once my friend Tylenol with Codeine helps me get through this week, I’ll be back.

Until then: pictures!



  1. Congratulations on your new little man. I looked at the pictures and he is simply gorgeous! Good job mom and dad!!

  2. Congratulations! I love his name! Welcome to the world and happy birthday sweet little man!

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