Posted by: emjb | November 8, 2005

Time to recluse myself

So yeah. Nothing is still what’s happening. I’m not going to update anything else here baby-wise until it does. Which will be Monday at the latest, because that’s the date they’ll induce me if the Littlest Procrastinator refuses to leave my ever-more-cranky womb.

I’m more effaced but no more dialated, and that’s perfectly normal, if frustrating. Lots of Braxton Hicks yesterday, today; bupkis. I am super tired, and not getting enough sleep from being so wound up. And I just don’t want to talk about or think about or blog about my baby-making organs for a little while, which I’m sure is fine with all 6-7 of my readers.

Chances are I won’t be blogging anything else either, since my brain is just as tired as the rest of me. So I’ll see ya’ll later. I’ll be on the couch napping and eating popsicles until things change.


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