Posted by: emjb | November 6, 2005

Pregnant is the new hottness

Still no baby, though the Braxton-Hicks contractions like to tease me by coming more frequently. Also, I am now having hot flashes. I have to assume they’re hormone-related and thus birth-related, but I don’t find anything online about them signaling Impending Labor, just being a random pregnancy symptom that you can sometimes get.

So that’s fun; it’s like a Menopause Preview.

Had a sudden craving for protein when Matt made some pork ribs tonight. Suddenly, my 9-months-long-distaste for animal flesh faded away and I wanted nothing more than to gnaw pork ribs like the carnivore I used to be. And that wasn’t enough, so I played it safe and scrambled some eggs, in case my body was telling me it would need the energy sometime soon for labor. Ha! Whatever, body, I know you’re just messing with me.

To be fair, I had more luck with my Zen today, I don’t know why. Resignation? Maybe, or just a realization that getting mad at one’s own uterus is perhaps a bit silly. And I’m not in pain or anything, just cranky. Getting as tired of blogging about this as you are of reading about it. I’m out of projects to do, so I’m not really sure what I’ll do to pass the time tomorrow. I don’t craft; when it comes to knitting, etc., you can call me Thumbsy McGee. I’ve read all my books, I’ve bored the Internets silly with the minutiae of my preggo experience, and the house is as clean and organized as it can reasonably be. I already nap enough to fit right in at the nursing home, and I suck at online gambling. Maybe I’ll take up celebrity stalking, or seeing how long it takes the FBI to come visit me after I write a threatening letter to the President.




  1. It sounds like you’re ready as you’ll ever be! Am thinking of you and can’t wait to hear about your experience… for now, enjoy the peace and quiet. I have yet to master that myself.

  2. I was forbidden to do any pregnancy-related searches when I couldn’t sleep at night, because inevitably I’d find something scary and have to wake up my husband to ask him if the baby would be born with three heads because I’d eaten too many turnips, or something. During the day the scientific part of my brain would function sufficiently that I wouldn’t freak out about the 0.001% chance of this or that, but at night … crazy time.

    I suggest renting funny dvds — laughing a lot is the thing to do right now.

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