Posted by: emjb | November 3, 2005

Buttery good

So just to keep my internet friends updated, my midwife says that I’m dilated to 2 cm and my cervix is quote “soft like butter.” I don’t know that that is the scientific term for 50% effacement, but there you go. And it’s definite progress from last week, when wasn’t nothing goin’ on.

Of course, many many women will tell you they walked around for weeks at 2cm, and various stages of effacement, and still had to be induced blah de blah, and don’t get all hyper yet emjaybee. And I’m not. But I am in a pretty good mood.

And I’ll tell you something else; I was up till 1:30 last night, per usual, but I still managed to wake up at 8 this morning, and had what I can only describe as sudden impulses to clean. Is it the dreaded Nesting Instinct? Who knows? But at least the kitchen is looking good. I’m sure a nap is going to be part of my afternoon, but I have also cleared out all my work projects, so I’m feeling pretty good about stuff happening, if it wants to happen today. Or not. It’s almost the weekend after all, so I don’t expect many crises in the next few days.

Is it wrong that I kind of dig the feeling of the baby moving when he’s so low down now? It doesn’t hurt, and it signals that things are moving. I’m feeling more Braxton-Hicks, or feeling them more, but so far I haven’t had anything painful. Which means the whole thing is probably still a little not-real to me and the first real contractions are going to put me in a whole different ballgame. But that’s ok too.

In the meantime, I think I’ll go eat some more breakfast, drink my raspberry leaf tea, and watch some pointless morning television.



  1. HA! Congratulations on the buttery soft cervix. Do they make hallmark cards for that?

  2. Ewww… Emjaybee, some of your posts are getting a little too, er… descriptive. You’re making me blush already.

  3. Sorry, Smokey. There was a lot more I could have said, but didn’t, believe me. Dealing with this for 9 months tends to make one blase about it. But her remark was so funny, I just couldn’t keep it to myself.

    I do promise there will be no pictures of the actual birth; never have gotten that one. Everyone will be clean, dressed, and presentable before the cameras come out.

  4. Of course I was kidding, but it’s awful nice of you to placate me.

  5. Well, when you only have about 6 regular readers…you do what you can…

  6. Hee. Like butta! Is your midwife Linda Richmann, by any chance?

  7. My baby came a little early, so I didn’t spend any time waiting & watching for signs of impending labor, but I actually had a couple on retrospect: the baby dropped 3 days before, and the day of, I felt compelled to wash, fold & put away all the baby clothes. Also, I couldn’t sleep that night, and got up at midnight and thought, “the date just changed to June 1st, so this baby will definitely be born in June.” 20 minutes later, bam, my water broke.

    So there you have it.

    The idea of a cervix like butter is a little freaky — like it could melt away and vanish! There are a lot of food terms used in medicine, but I’ve never heard that one before.

  8. Hee, DoctorMama, I wondered about that…but she’s been a midwife in Brooklyn forever, maybe it’s a local thing or her own thing.

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