Posted by: emjb | October 27, 2005

Hey kid, don’t be shy

After being pretty quiet all day, the baby is turning somersaults now at 1 in the morning. Or at least doing some serious squirming. I tell him, use some of that energy to work on getting out here with the rest of us, where you can squirm all day long without giving Mommy heartburn. So far, this message does not seem to be having any effect.

Today (well, 10/27) is my official “early” due date, the one that my first sonogram tech told me. My official official due date remains the 1st, so, I can’t officially get officially impatient. Yet.

But I’m ready. We have his stuff ready. We have ourselves as mentally prepared as it’s possible to be.* The midwife tells me his sonograms look good, he’s physically ready. So really, he has no excuses for lollygagging, unless he’s just determined to be a Halloween baby. Which, I tell him, is cool and all but not really that big a deal. He can have his birthdays on Halloween no matter what actual day he appears, that’ll be fine with me.

In the meantime I’m adjusting to my new sleep schedule, meaning any sleep before 2am is impossible. It takes till 2 to get me exhausted enough to close my eyes and have them stay that way. Also, 11-2 is apparently Prime Hiccup Time for the baby. I don’t know why hiccuping is such a major part of his day, but there is usually at least 1 hour devoted to it every day. I hope it’s doing something for his system and not uncomfortable for him at all. It doesn’t seem to be triggered by anything specific that I eat or anything.

It has been really good for my blog posting, though (the staying up late, not the hiccuping). Turning on a TV is kind of loud while the guys are sleeping, so my friend the Internet gives me a way to let myself wind down. And also to read even more birth stories. Did you know some of them come with pictures taken during birth? Those can be startling, let me tell you. Placentas look freaky, my friends, and newborn babies hardly less so. Click if you dare.

*That is to say, not very.



  1. No matter how many times you see it, it always looks like a magic trick. Here, folks, we have a plain, everyday vagina. No tricks, no smoke, no mirrors. But pushpushpush … Look what I found hidden inside! A giant baby!

  2. My husband says the weirdest part of watching some birth movies is that it doesn’t look like a baby at first, but like a wayward internal organ….then it gets pink and looks around and you’re all “Oh, it’s a BABY.” Before that, you’re just not sure.

  3. I’ve got the “I don’t wanna look but I gotta” thing going on. And yeah, I must keep reminding myself that newborns basically look like little wrinkled old men for the first few days. Not quite human… 😛 Have I told you how excited I am for you? Yeah, I think I have.

  4. Hey, just saw your comment on Pandagon about your due date, and wanted to say blessings to you. Hope all goes well and that you and little Damien Lucifer are both wonderfully healthy.

  5. Thanks Stephen, that’s very kind of you. I’m sure he’ll be the perfect little devil baby…

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