Posted by: emjb | September 29, 2005

Snatch the pebble from my hand!


All last month, my boss was all “hey, you should do some work at home days!” And I couldn’t because I had too many deadlines. All this week, I’ve been thinking, “One more project to go, and then I can do a work at home day!” I was rushing through my Important Project today to get it out early, so I could be home tomorrow working on my Much Less Pressing Project. I write my boss about it. He says: “Oh. You can’t do work at home days on Fridays or Mondays.”

FUCK that SHIT. I mean, either I’m working or I’m not. If you don’t think people actually work during work at home days, but are messing around, why have them? If you are willing to believe they’re working, why act as though it’s really a vacation day? And if I do come back on Monday with my work not done, can you not yell at me? I mean, the proof is in the pudding, no? I’m not 14 years old. If I were really not getting my work done, fire my ass. Don’t make up some stupid juvenile rule about working at home near a weekend, because you think I don’t have the self-discipline to get it done when I say I will.

Oh, and getting that project out early? Not happenin’ now, buster. Thanks for shooting my motivation all to hell.


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