Posted by: emjb | September 20, 2005

Today’s Mood

The pregnant lady would like to kindly tell everyone to go fuck themselves if they want something from her. Between the pinched nerves that make her right leg hurt no matter what, the backache, the fatigue, and the overall feeling like she’d been beaten with a hot sack of nickels, she really doesn’t care about your pain or your work deadlines.

Thank you.



  1. But my pain is so much greater than yours!

  2. Butt pain? I got this case a shibbledy-shakes in my right toe every now and then. Oh yeah- fuck those deadlines!

  3. Which is the greater pain, that of existence or that which arise as a result of existence? I think me & Smokey wrote a song about it, wanna hear it?

  4. I know what’s giving me pain right now…..

  5. Methinks we did write that song. Goes like this:

    Well I left with a hole in my pocket
    Where my money used to be
    Wonder where it got to
    I’ve got a hole in my heart
    And it doesn’t really feel
    The way it ought to

    I appreciate the time you spend
    Tying up all of my loose ends
    But it wouldn’t mean as much to me
    As if you told me you believe me

    Don’t believe in we
    Til you believe in me

    ad nauseam

    Oh wait, that wasn’t it. And I didn’t write any of that.

  6. Ah, but you still remember it all these years later. Says something, I reckon. Not sure what…

  7. I’ll tell you what it says: I’ve been in AGONY for years!

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