Posted by: emjb | September 4, 2005


I admit, I am a geek. And as a geek, I think about things like who was the most attractive male character in Star Trek: Next Generation? And for me it will always be Worf.

Sorry about the somewhat scary link. Anyway, native Texan Michael Dorn did some fine acting on that show and on Deep Space 9 , managing to convey barely-suppressed rage, confusion, frustration, and dry wit through many layers of latex. Whilst other actors on the show, allowed to use their own un-latexed expressions (cough JONATHAN FRAKES cough) remained wooden and uninteresting.

Worf also had the most touching and complicated plot (his father’s betrayal) that made all the pontificating about honor more believable than usual. He had a good backstory (the fish out of water, being more Klingon than other Klingons), though he could’ve used more interesting foster parents. And of course, he was a total badass in battle, without then being a jerk about it later.

Like all the ST:TNG characters, the writers didn’t always do well by him. The subplot about his son was never very convincing; it might have been the child actor who played Alexander, it might have been that there just wasn’t enough time given to develop that part of Worf’s character. And in an unforgiveable sin, Alexander’s character was later used for a Let’s Abuse the Space Time Continuum Again episode. (not to mention a Deanna Troi’s Wacky Mom episode, but that’s not his fault. Even the character of Odo didn’t escape that fate).

Klingon characters in general always had some drawbacks. There’s the silly costumes. Especially the boots. They’re basically Kiss. And wearing metal armor and using metal weapons in an era that undoubtedly includes small portable electromagnets is always a bad idea, though none of their enemies ever seem to think of this tactic. Dorn was a good enough actor (and had to wear the full Klingon drag seldom enough) that you didn’t care, and you bought the whole thing. Despite the fact that Klingons were such drama queens, really. Honor this, revenge that, didn’t anybody ever just say “the hell with that guy”?

Eventually, things wound down. Worf had too many love interests and dead wives as the series wore on and the writers wanted to keep the drama alive. His character in the ST movies wasn’t onscreen enough to be more than a shadow of his former self. And undoubtedly, Dorn was ready to move on. One can only wear latex brow-ridges so many years in a row. But as alarmed as I am by any Worf-related fan-lit porn (no I’m not linking it and don’t send it to me either, sickos) he’ll always be the reason I can still stand to watch a ST:TNG episode ten years later.

And here’s a Klingon-related link that makes me giggle.



  1. I happened to stop by from Pandagon and this is the first post I’ve ever read on your site. I have to say that I couldn’t agree more (and no, dag-nab-it, I am NOT a geek – but will be watching Firefly this evening on the Sci-Fi network)….. (love the cat picture, btw)

  2. thanks muchas. I do occasionally post about more pressing issues, but now and then, I have to let my geek out.

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