Posted by: emjb | August 20, 2005

Undue Haste

Over at The Leery Polyp, one of my new favorite parenting blogs, she is just about to pop with her baby, who is about 2 weeks overdue. She’s going through as many natural remedies as possible to bring labor on, and these include sex, castor oil doses, nipple stimulation, and long walks. So far, nothing, though we’re all pulling for her not to have to be induced, because she wants a homebirth.

Due dates are such weird things. Even ultrasounds don’t always accurately predict how far along a baby actually is. If a woman’s cycles aren’t exactly 28 days (and most aren’t) then pinpointing the conception date is nearly impossible, unless she only had sex once in a certain time period. A baby can actually be too late…not just growing solarge it’s hard to get him out, but the placenta also becomes less effective after 42 weeks. Assuming of course that the woman is actually at 42 weeks and not say 39. Which can be hard to know. It’s frustrating to realize that our medical knowledge of pregnancy and birth is really not that advanced even now.

I could be due anywhere from Oct 27 to Nov 1, depending on who you ask. My midwife has told me they’ll stick to Nov 1 so as not to accidentally rush me, which I appreciate. I would really hate to be induced, because I’m afraid it would mean the rest of birth might get rushed and off kilter and end up needing interventions. So technically I have till Nov 14. Which time I’m hoping I won’t need. I’ve said earlier that I think the baby will be close to his date, but I’ve got nothing but my “women’s intuition” to go by on that. Still, I knew I was pregnant almost before I could test for it, so I’m hoping I’m right about that.

Another pregnancy blog I’m reading and adding to my list is Mordant Conceit who is in Lewisville, TX and stuck in a horrible job and due a little later than me, so you see how I relate. At least I’m not stuck in a horrible job right now.


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