Posted by: emjb | August 1, 2005

90 Days to Pay

My third trimester started officially today. Right on schedule, I started getting more tired and enjoying the delights of indigestion again, as little Herkimer is now big enough to put pressure on my various digestatory organs. Hooray! My body now feels to me like a pickup truck slightly overloaded…it hauls and it doesn’t break down, but afterwards you know there are going to be some dings and a few new creaks and squeaks that weren’t there before. A coworker told me today that she thought I had popped out more over the weekend, and I think she’s right. My belly now causes subway riders to give me their seats apologetically, bless their hearts. I always take them up on it too. People stare at it…not that it’s so enormous, but it’s there, and it calls attention to itself. I don’t mind a bit, even if I did have to beg off when a coworker wanted to rub it and feel the baby kick. That’s a little personal, lady. But if I’m going to be stared at, at least it’s for a good reason.

I will make the foolish move now of predicting my own due date. I think this baby is going to be on time or a little early. I don’t think we’re going to go past Nov. 1, or not by much. I can’t say why I think so; at the beginning, before I was showing, it all seemed to move terribly slow. But now, I feel like this kid is the kind who won’t want to wait around, who’ll want to come out. I think I’ll be glad to see him too. I feel more comfortable with him than I did last month, less like he’s an alien and more like he might be an interesting person to know. I can’t say I’m overcome with mommy-love or inspired to write poems about the glories of gestation, but I am at least, not dreading his arrival.


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