Posted by: emjb | July 17, 2005

Sinister Spam

Spam is one of my pet peeves–not the straightforward herbal Viagra-giant penis kind (it’s hateful but it happens to everyone) but the well-meaning kind. This can be Jebus-spam, like the one I get at Christmas about how candy canes were created to symbolize the blood and purity of Christ (refuted here) and how little Jimmy is going to die soon but wants you to send him a happy email before he goes.

The worst is the kind Twistyfaster brilliantly rants against as rape spam. This is the kind about evil men lurking everywhere and how it’s up to you to take the following steps (provided in the email) to avoid them. Which usually amount to being paranoid and hypervigilant at all times, and preferably, never leaving home without an armed guard. As she points out, women get this spam all the time; men never get the spam that tells them that hey, raping women is bad and hey, don’t do it.

Really she covers it better than me, read her post. It’s awesome.


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