Posted by: emjb | July 13, 2005

Work-Avoiding Mini Post

I have about 20 more minutes of my workday, but my brain has already checked out, so here I am. I am working on a better post, but it’s kind of a shaggy dog…it includes so many different strands that I want to talk about that I’m having trouble wrestling it into post-form.

So I’m going to ignore it and just tell you that, in my opinion, there simply aren’t enough interesting people in the world. Most of the people I know are just dead boring. They go to social events, they see movies, they eat out, they talk about boyfriends/friends/spouses/kids. None of which is bad in itself, but Jesus, people, there is so much else to talk about. Politics. Books. Death. Religion. Music. I know these are mostly verboten in “polite” conversation, but what’s the point of polite conversation anyway? Instead of flapping my jaw in useless blather, I could be reading, or baking a cake, or something just remotely more entertaining than hearing about the restaurant you went to last night.

I realize the irony of saying this on a blog, a medium known for its devotion to blather. But really, I do try to talk about the more interesting stuff in my head and not as much about how much I need a haircut. Because that bores even me.



  1. There’s a saying, and I don’t remember where it came from or who said it, but it goes kind of like this:

    People with above average intellect talk about ideas, people with average intellect talk about events, and people with below average intellect talk about other people.

    It’s not, I think, that most people are boring; most people simply fall into the below average intellect category.

  2. Well so long as I’m insulting people, might as well call them stupid as boring. ha.

    Part of me just doesn’t want to believe anyone is so dumb that talking about Tom Cruise (all the time) is really enough for them. I keep feeling sorry for their brains, like you feel sorry for a dog who’s always chained up in the backyard. It’s not that the dog isn’t able to run around, he’s just never given the chance.

    But maybe they’re happy, what do I know.

  3. Ignorance is bliss. And I would know. Hehe…

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