Posted by: emjb | June 19, 2005

New links

Many many new links on your right there, categorized as best I could manage. Kind of an interesting glimpse into my obsessions, if you are a stalker. The comics/animation links are especially fun, lots of artwork to drool over. The comic at is pretty darn good, also.

Obsessions not yet covered by my links list include:

Historical costumes (ancient to about 18th century, some 20th century).

Horse breeds (especially the draft breeds, like Percherons)

Educational/linguistic theories (most of the literature on this is over my head, so it is always strictly a laywoman’s interest. Still, a good whole-language debate can be very entertaining).

Early (60s-70s) Christian rock music, before it was completely cheese-ified.

Scientologists and their sue-happy ways.

Germ theory and just anything to do with disease and germs in general. Again, mostly over my head, but I do find the deadly little buggers fascinating.

Geology/volcanology/tectonic plate stuff. Stuff blows up, makes mountains, glaciers carve the crap out of everything. Fascinating.

Tornados. But who doesn’t find them interesting?



  1. No links? Remember, [here’s my site]( And always leave me an angle for shameless self-promotion.

  2. You mean to you? Dude, you are under “Friends and Family.” Don’t be a hits whore! Ha.

  3. No, I mean on this post.

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