Posted by: emjb | June 15, 2005

Man-purses, stupid hospitals

Interesting baby-related posts I saw lately:

Dads are learning not to fear the diaper bag. Frankly, any movement that reduces the amount of Disney-themed anything in the world is ok by me.

(Oh, and the diaper bag I picked up recently is a stunning number in oh-so-manly orange, in a messenger-bag style. So matthew’s masculinity will stay intact as he schleps little Herkimer about town).

Also, a doctor in North Carolina got in trouble with her hospital for **not performing enough c-sections**. The fuh? It’s some kind of liability thing; basically hospitals and their lawyers think they will get sued less if they perform more c-sections. Well fine and dandy, doc, but it’s MY abdomen you’re cutting open unnecessarily. And um, no I’m not cool with doing that just to cover your ass.

One quote hints a slightly more sinister motive (emphasis added):

…the hospital charges **$4,700** on average for noncomplicated vaginal deliveries and **$14,200** for noncomplicated c-sections. Those amounts do not include doctor fees.

Consumer watch dog group Public Citizen has estimated that half of cesarean sections are unnecessary and result in 25,000 serious
infections, 1.1 million extra hospital days and cost more than $1 billion each year.

Meanwhile, the procedures **don’t seem to be making a difference,** noted Dr. Flamm, explaining that while the c-section rate continues to climb, **the number of fetal deaths remains steady.**

Legally it’s safer, he said, but not necessarily safer medically. He added that he and other physicians debate constantly and can’t come to
a conclusion of what the correct c-section rate should be.

Oh, the official link to the article is here, but registration is req’d.


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