Posted by: emjb | June 13, 2005

Dang the heat

Too hot. So hot you look forward to work, because it’s got central air conditioning, and you are confined to one or two rooms in your window-unit-cooled home. And because after you get out of the concrete sweatbox of the train station and walk crankily past your fellow sweaty citizens, work feels like an air-cooled heaven. Ahhh. You debate not going to lunch, just to avoid the sidewalks and dog-breath air.

I would say I miss driving to work, except listening to my old Honda wheeze and rattle as it tried to both run the a/c and get me through 2 hours of stop and go traffic wasn’t fun either. Subways have their problems, but at least they keep moving, most of the time.

The news this morning was that Mayor Bloomberg, being thwarted in his ambition to build a stadium in Manhattan that nobody wanted but him, is now going to convert the Mets stadium for the Olympics. Which nobody cares about but him. When I first heard about the NY Olympics bid, I was kind of excited, but the more I thought about it, the less fun it seemed. First of all, we don’t need more tourists here, and the traffic–holy cow. The city would shut down.

Secondly, I don’t remember the last time I watched the Olympics. I mean, I don’t care which country has the best shot-putters. I don’t need to shout “USA!” I think the fun went out of it when the USSR disbanded. Now we can’t wonder if a controversial swim meet would spark a nuclear war.

I feel for the athletes, and I’m glad they’ve got the venue and all, but it’s just too much to watch and too repetitive, and even if it’s in my hometown, I probably wouldn’t go.

I really wish Mayor Mike would lobby the state to improve the subways instead of fiddling around with stadiums. The other day a man collapsed on the platform, and it took myself and another passenger 10 minutes to find someone–anyone–from the station to help him, and then they were surly about it. Thankfully he was all right, but he could have been dead just as easily. That’s not right, people. And now they’re talking about automating the trains, which, great. So if I get mugged on a train, there’s even fewer people around to call the cops. This can only end in a needless death of a pretty white woman (that’s what it always takes) followed by lawsuits and finally reinstatment of train conductors. Why not skip all those steps and just keep them now?



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