Posted by: emjb | June 11, 2005

Back Up, Back About, and who needs archives anyway?

If anyone besides the few of you on my notify list (and my friend Tina, whose refuses to dump the aol email that keeps her off my notify list) has come here from my old site: I’m back. Oh, and pregnant. Oh, and maybe moving back to Texas next year.

Anyway, this is a test entry. Below it you will find the notify list letters I sent out over the past…um…Jeebus…8 months. 8 months, ya’ll. My stats are in the crapper, and it’s all my own fault. I just couldn’t make the mental space to redesign my site, no matter how much it was needed. So I’m basically starting from scratch, here. So go read my About page if you’ve wandered over from the matthew show or deanpence. If you’ve actually been fruitlessly checking my site for 8 months but not signing up for the notify list, well that’s kind of strange, but I’m glad to have you anyway. If on the other hand you’ve gotten here from a weird Google porn search involving apples, well, you might want to join a Yahoo group for that or something.

You will notice that I do not in fact have a fancy design, because I wanted the luxury of updating from wherever the heck I may be, and not being Dreamweaver’s bitch. Thus, this WordPress template. I will be able to customize it, eventually. At least it has ever-changing random photos at the top, none of which are mine, but they beat a sharp stick in the eye.

Muchas thankas to deanpence for doing the legwork on this and putting in plug-ins that do magical things and generally being my free tech support person. Hey, being my roommate has its privileges.

I am really digging having comments, although I know they also lead to sorrow. Because one day I will be asking myself, “WHY is no one commenting on the brilliant, well-researched, heartfelt entry about the day I lost my cat Mr. Mittens? WHY?” But into every life a little pigeon poop must fall, so my mama told me.



  1. Ooooh, back to Texas, you say?

  2. Lookin’ that way. Austin, most likely, but not till next spring, we think. Not much room for little ones to play in NY; I see kids having to do all their playing on the sidewalk, and it makes me sad. I’ll probably post more about it as time goes by…

  3. I love Austin! I moved here five years ago and hope to stay. It’s truly a fabulous place for kids and parents! And shortly after my arrival here in Austin, I learned that my entire life I’d been misspelling the Texan slang for “you all” as you have. Rather than ya’ll, I learned it’s actually “y’all!”

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