Posted by: emjb | January 8, 2005

a glimpse inside some troubled minds

I was going to write some more political stuff for my First Blogging of the Year, but really, check out my links under “political blogs” and you will get it all the liberal ranting you want fresh, not secondhand. And if you’re too lazy to do that, you don’t care about politics anyway.

Instead, I’m going to discuss the Magic That is iTunes Sharing. Friends, if your workplace allows this sort of thing, you gain a window into the minds of all your coworkers via what they listen to. A
short sample follows.

New Copyeditor
Alicia Keys, U2, Lauryn Hill. OK, not too bad. But what’s this? Kelly Clarkson? And what’s THIS? “Watchtower Kingdom Melodies on Compact Disc, Volume 3”? Yes that’s right: Jehovah’s Witness music. Me scared.

The Cool Kids
These are the 2 editors with hipster hair. One of them likes to dress in shiny bowling shirts and fedoras, and draws a comic strip. You know, THAT guy. Their lists include about what you’d expect: heavy doses of Bjork, Modest Mouse, Blood Brothers, Kate Bush, Cat Power, Death Cab for Cutie, The Faint, The Fall, everything the Pixies ever recorded, and ironic sprinklings of U2, Johnny Cash (only his last album), the Stones, and Queen. Sometimes I find something I like; many times I click through their lists, thinking “Nah, too ambient. Nah, too much wailing. Nah, can’t find a melody. Nah, Bjork.”

Nick Drake, Your Company’s Computer Guy
Nick loves to download. He has a gigantic list, including pretty much everything everybody else does, along with Animaniacs tunes, Blink 182 (!), Eddie Izzard, Stephen Wright, and most of Weezer. Oh and occasionally They Might Be Giants. No surprises here.

The Smooth Puerto Rican Graphics Guy
He has, as you might expect, a penchant for Marvin Gaye, along with Andrea Bocelli, Prince, and Sade. He’s so smooth, ya’ll.

Young Editor Guy Raised By Hippies
Loves his psychedelia and punk. He’s a Barret-only Pink Floyd fan, and he also loves ambient noise albums by Coyle & Sharp, the Velvet Underground, and also some Ornette Coleman. Plus, the Ramones and the Kinks. If it thrashes, bleats, honks, or wails, he is so there.

First Other Editor Who Does What I Do
Damien Rice, Hot Hot Heat, and Neil Young. Ok, I have no jokes for this list. I could mock her for being Canadian, because politeness and guaranteed health care probably makes you unable to Properly Rock, but what do I know?

Second Editor Who Does What I Do
I have to admit; he’s my favorite. His tastes seem to run towards metal and bands from Scandinavian countries..but preferably both. Thus, Metallica, Bjork, and …Finntroll the Finnish Metal Band. Go to their webpage, and click on “Band” to see their terrifying photo. Hee.

But lest you think me a snob, I present, in it’s entirety, the list of artists I personally have on my iTunes player. It will reveal a startling amount of unhipness and and frightening love of Helen Reddy. Judge as ye will:

1. Aimee Mann (2 whole albums of hers. She kicks ass and should be loved by all)
2. B-52s (“Private Idaho”)
3. Barbara Mandrell (“Sleepin Single in a Double Bed.” For a good Christian girl, she had LOTS of songs about cheatin’ and lack of sex. Makes you wonder.)
4. Beck (my secret boyfriend)
5. Belle and Sebastian (twee is good)
6. Ben Folds (another secret boyfriend. Not as cute as Beck.)
7. Bill Withers (Seventies smoove music)
8. Blood, Sweat & Tears (I don’t know why. I love “Spinnin’ Wheel.”)
9. Various artists on Garden State soundtrack (Who are much hipper than most of the full albums I actually own on CD. So hip that I don’t listen to half of them.)
10. Brave Combo (tribute to my Texas geek roots)
11. Breeders (“Cannonball” which remains kick ass)
12. Brenda Lee (I love her, in a non-ironic way.)
13. Cake (2 album’s worth, they are so good)
14. Conway Twitty (“Hello Darlin”–he was smoove)
15. Dolly Parton (Bouncy fun country–and not that kind of bouncy, pervert)
16. Domestic Science Club (fluffy Texas girl group)
17. Eels (Shootenanny! is a mighty good disk)
18.Fiona Apple (so skinny. so angry)
19. George Jones (Everyone should have one track from The Possum)
20. Gladys Knight and the Pips (Most of her songs seem to say “Give me back my man you bitch!” She had issues.)
21. Guster (Matt LOOVES them. I like them.)
22. Helen Reddy, including, yes, “I Am Woman” (NO ONE but me appreciates the genius of a song like “Delta Dawn.” So there.)
23. Jeannie C. Riley (“Harper Valley PTA”)
24. Jerry Reed (Deep voice + guitar pickin’ = good times)
25. Kenny Rogers (“Ruby”. She took her love to town because her man was in a wheelchair. That bitch!)
26. Las Rubias del Norte (Little white girls singing sweet Spanish love songs. They’re too cute.)
27. Loretta Lynn (Don’t come home a drinkin’, Doo!)
28. the matthew show (duh. He’s my husband. I must PROMOTE HIS MUSIC TO THE WORLD AT ALL TIMES)
29. Moog Cookbook (Sheer genius. Geeky good)
30. Natalie Merchant (Her voice gives me goose pimples)
31. Patsy Cline (Same effect as Natalie Merchant)
32. Wings (I will always love them. Shut up.)
33. Pink Floyd (no Syd). I don’t do acid, but like Obscured by Clouds anyway. I still haven’t sat through The Wall yet, because I was traumatized by the scene in the movie where Bob Geldof shaved off his eyebrows. Ow.)
34. Rufus Wainwright (If he weren’t gay as a particularly gay Easter bonnet, another secret boyfriend. Because his voice seems to vibrate in a weird but oh so sexy register. Mmmmmm.)
35. Squirrel Nut Zippers (Who doesn’t love pretentious psuedo-swing bands?)
36. They Might Be Giants (Once you admit to having the Moog Cookbook, it’s just a small step to TMBG. If I go any farther, I will have the entire Weird Al oevre (which Matt owns, cough cough) on my iTunes, and I will have to shorten my pants and tape up my glasses.)

So now you know.


Tomorrow I am off to Tejas for a few days, sans Matt, to visit the family. It will be good. It won’t be work or sitting on the futon watching Matt and Deanpence watch an episode of Seinfeld we’ve all seen 8 or 9 times already. So I’m looking forward to it.


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