Posted by: emjb | November 26, 2004

Hope you had a good turkey day

..even if, like me, you had no actual turkey. But we did have wine, and cheesecake, and duck, so it all came off well.

I am home right now, wearing purple flannel pajama pants that say “foxy” on them as part of my early-afternoon ensemble (along with an old t-shirt and my robe). It was either that or a pair that had little rainbows on them, and I’m just not a little-rainbows type of gal. I just recently started updating my sleepwear wardrobe, and find that there is no middle ground between aggressively cute (t-shirts with “princess” on them, etc) and Ancient Crone (housedresses). I’m not ready for housedresses–I kind of hope I’ll never be ready for housedresses–so aggressively cute it is.

Oh wait…there’s also Fredericks of Hollywood stuff, but I don’t think anyone actually uses that for sleeping. Plus, it’s cold.

Matt’s working today, poor soul, and deanpence has instructed me to wake him no later than 2pm. Waking deanpence up is not an easy task, no matter how well-rested he supposedly is. It requires the initial knocking and saying “hey dean–wake up” until he grunts “ok.” Then you come back 10 minutes later and repeat. Sometimes that does it. Sometimes it doesn’t. Then you have to get out the big guns. I like to keep knocking and saying “hey dean” in a foreign accent–Austrian like Schwartzenegger, say, or fake-French, “‘Allo, ‘allo, wake up monsieur, avec, eh, mon dieu!” So long as it’s loud and annoying.

If I don’t feel up to doing that, I’ll send Matt in as the pinch hitter, and let him try. He’s also good at the annoying.

Normally I see waking yourself up as something left to each individual, but since deanpence waking up affects his ability to get to work, thus, his rent payment, I have chosen the lesser of two evils and agreed to help him. So far, it’s working.

Welcome to the newly-signed up, and here’s hoping no-one gets kneecapped out shopping for Aunt Myrtle’s gift. For those of you foolhardy enough to venture to the mall today, I have only one word: online gift certificate.

For those of you smart enough to stay home, here’s a little animation site (Flash req) to amuse you.



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